Greek Food Fest

Every fall, Dallas-Fort Worth hosts multiple Greek festivals, full of dancing, eating and drinking .

My personal favorite is the Mid-Cities Greek Fest in Euless, which happens in mid or late October every year, as it’s smaller and has higher-quality food. A few years ago, they raised enough money through their annual festivals to build a new beautiful church.

While you can find Greek food at countless restaurants throughout the country, there is no replacement for the quality of a Greek festival. And wherever you are located, there is probably a festival near you.

What to get:

  • Dolma: Grape leaves wrapped with rice and ground meat
  • Spanokopita: Spinach and feta stuffed in filo
  • Moussaka: Eggplant and ground meat topped with a bechamel cream – imagine a Greek lasagna
  • Dessert: loukoumades (donut balls with honey) and an entire container of baklava

Tips: Free parking and free to get in!! This is not the case at some of the larger Greek fests in Dallas and Houston.

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  1. Tricia Simpson says:

    Yum! Thank you for posting.


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