Why a Food Blog?

Understanding people and the world through food

The name of my blog, Eat Local, Eat Global, reflects my love for traveling through food, whether in the suburbs of Houston or halfway across the world in Hong Kong.

Exploring other types of food allows you to travel to other places, experience other cultures, and understand other people – while barely even leaving the loop (loop 8 in Houston, that is). And when you travel, eat like the locals – like their mom would cook at home. Because there is no quicker, or better, way to understand a destination, or a people, than through food. Thrillist recently posted an article, Travel Through Food that really captures why I care about this type of travel so much. Think Anthony Bourdain. And then lower your expectations.

While I love traveling for art museums, nature and architecture, many of my fondest travel memories are based in food. One particular memory, which really sparked my love for food and travel, was a lunch in Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy, overlooking the Mediterranean. After reviewing the menu, we asked, “Is the wine local?” “Yeah, you see that vineyard on the hill right there,” he points, “it’s from the other side of that hill.” Okay… “Is the fish local?” “Yeah, you see the Mediterranean Sea lapping against the rocks right below you? That fish came from right there this morning.”

Now, that’s eating local.

Why the focus on ethnic food?

I recently moved to Houston – the most culturally diverse city in the nation. Out of a population of 6.3 million people, over 1.4 million are immigrants, from all corners of the world. This diversity is best reflected in the city’s food. I can get almost anything here (though I’m still trying to find a good Moroccan restaurant).

I enjoy a Michelin star or Chef’s Table restaurant as much as the next gal, but sometimes those mini tacos on the side of the road while driving at night in Guatemala are just as good. Or a feast with friends featuring satay, melt-in-your-mouth stringray, Hainanese rice and carrot cake (hint: there’s no carrot or cake in this dish). Or getting your hands dirty in some Viet-Cajun crawfish.

I’m all for trying new things – in food and in life. Point at something – because you can’t speak the language and have no idea what it is – and then try it. Eat the meat stick, even if you have to dust off some maggots first. Take that shot of rice wine – the one that was just soaking in a vile of dead snake skins. Because those are the memories you’ll look back on.

Ok, I get it. But, why a blog?

Yes, blogs are so 2006. Yes, everyone and their brother has a food/travel blog. But I’ve found a niche that really fits me – that combines my love for communication, travel, cultural identity and food. My blog will include recommendations for places to eat in Houston and around the world, as well as musings on food, culture, identity and politics. Because a dish is never just a dish.

Is that it?

Sure, it’s just a food blog. But, it’s also a call to action. A call to try new foods. And a call to appreciate other cuisines, and the people behind them. In the hope that obsessing about food can bring us closer to understanding people and the world around us.


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