San Dong Noodle House

San Dong Noodle House is in a corner of the shopping center in Bellaire with H-Mart, 85 Degree C and the former Uyghur Bistro. It serves Taiwanese soups and dumplings, as well as dumplings/buns to take to-go. The beef in the roast beef noodle soup melts in your mouth, and the dumplings are a must. The pork and chive dumplings – pan-fried or boiled – come in orders of 12, so bring a friend or 2. If you take the dumplings home for leftovers, just beware that they will smell up your car and fridge.

What to get: Roast beef noodle soup (#1) and dumplings

Tips: Bring cash because there’s a 4% charge for credit card; order at the counter; grab your own bowl, chopsticks and water



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