Bodard Bistro

Bodard Bistro is a small shop on Bellaire with a combination of central and southern Vietnamese cuisine. Their menu is long, but I’m highlighting a few dishes below not to miss. It’s also worth getting the Vietnamese coffee here, as it’s much smoother than most I come across.

Nem nuong cuôn nha trang 

What Bodard is known for (picture above). These are rolls with sausage (nem nuong), crunchy rice paper (the kind that an egg roll is wrapped in), cucumber and vermicelli. It’s worth visiting just for these rolls, but don’t miss the rest of the menu.

Bún mam 

The southern Vietnamese dish with pork crackling, catfish, fermented fish paste, chives, etc. The broth is so fragrant (see: pungent) and sweet.

Tips? Pay afterward at the counter.

What to get? cà phê sua dá, nem nuong, bún mam


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