Al Aseel

One of my top meals in Houston. Located in the Middle Eastern strip mall on Richmond, near Westpark Tollway and 59, and right next to Cedars Bakery – another favorite Houston spot of mine – Al Aseel caters to a wide variety of clientele. It focuses on Mediterranean food, in the broadest sense. You’ve got Iraqi eggs, Lebanese bread, Jordanian lamb, Palestinian chicken and baklava. They also serve shisha for those so inclined.

Musakhan, meaning “something that is heated,” is the national dish of Palestine. Caramelized onions, sumac and juicy chicken on top of olive-oil soaked taboon bread. Wow. I moaned all through this dish that night, and the next day for leftovers – It was THAT good. No silverware provided, so eat with your hands.

I’ve been pretty interested in the diversity of fried chicken recently (been watching too much Ugly Delicious), and how each culture really makes it their own. Al Aseel’s fried chicken is a great example – fried with za’atar seasoning.

Thanks for the rec, Chris Shepherd (of Underbelly and UB Preserv fame)!

What to get: Hummus, musakhan, fried chicken, hot tea, lemon mint juice

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