Villa Arcos

Villa Arcos is a hole-in-the-wall taco joint in East EaDo (not the hip Truck Yard portion of EaDo) in Houston, full of Hispanic families enjoying their mid-day meal together. Park in front of the abandoned house and walk into the red-colored house with the bars on the windows. The extensive list of tacos is written out on the wall. While it might take awhile to get your tacos, it’s worth it. We waited for 35 minutes for our chorizo tacos, but they ended up giving us an extra one for free, so you can’t be too upset about that. If it’s a nice day outside, definitely sit on the patio tables.

What to get: Probably anything and everything, but definitely do not sleep on the chicharrones super – the crunch is perfect. Barbacoa tacos are only served on the weekends, but you must need to come early, because they were out by noon on Sunday. They also serve menudo, if you’re into traditional tripe soup. It may even cure your hangover! Or not.

Tips: Order at the counter. Get there early, or be prepared to wait.

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