Pho Bò To & Bò Né

Plug this place into your Google Maps and you’ll come upon a large Vietnamese strip center at the corner of Beechnut and Loop 8. Go down to the emptier, southern end of the strip mall and find the shop with the blinking red ‘Open’ sign and odd stone chairs out front that are shaped like hands. Sit anywhere and order the bò né (Vietnamese steak and eggs). I’ve never had their pho before, but they’re really known for their bò né. Pick any drink, but the Thai green tea is a personal favorite.

It comes out on a cow plate, still cooking. means ‘beef,’ and means ‘to dodge,’ because you may need to dodge a spatter of grease or beef as the dish still cooks in front of you. Mix it all together. Spread the pâté on the French bread. Then, dip it in the grease and spices with a chunk of beef. Oh. my. god.

While I’ve seen this dish at a couple hipster places in Montrose, I’m honestly surprised bò né hasn’t taken off yet, with the cute cow plates and familiar flavors of steak and eggs. I actually first had the dish at the former Les Ba’get, before trying it later in Saigon. I don’t recommend Blacksmith’s version, as it’s like they took everything flavorful and good from it. Instead, try the dish like it should be – at Pho Bò To & Bò Né.

Tips: Pay afterward, at the register.

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