Romanian Food Fest

The Romanian Food Fest happens every fall in Colleyville, a suburb of Dallas. In 2021, it’s happening on November 6 and 7. There’s music, a lovely Eastern Orthodox church, and, of course, fantastic food.

Romanian food is sometimes thought of as ‘peasant’ food because it’s cheap and hearty. Think cabbage rolls (stuffed with pork and rice), polenta (cornmeal that is baked, served with cream and cheese, fried, or formed into balls), sausage, and stews. The dolmathes, or dolmas, (stuffed grape leaves popular in Greece, Turkey and surrounding areas of the former Ottoman Empire) are my favorite dish, and one I always get at the Greek Food Fests in Dallas-Fort Worth.

For beer, at the time I went, they only had Stella Artois, but I hope they add a Romanian lager in the near future.

The music is loud, particularly when a Romanian man is walking among the crowd singing intently into his microphone, but its a nice addition that helps highlight the communal aspect of this food and culture.

What to get: Cabbage roll plate (with polenta), dolmas, pumpkin strudel


  • Park right next to the church, even if it says online to park far away.
  • It costs $5 to get in, and then you buy tickets for food and drinks.

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