Mexico City

I love Mexico City.

And if you haven’t been before, you should absolutely go as soon as possible. It’s a cheap, quick flight from Houston or Dallas, making it the perfect weekend trip. There are plenty of attractions – from 20th century murals to 1st century pyramids – and, of course, great food. Food ranges from a $1 trio of street tacos that will blow your mind, to an equally amazing fine dining experience in Polanco for $100. Mexico City has it all.

Where to eat

Street tacos @ Los Cocuyos

  • Popular 24-hr street taco stand in the Centro Historico district.
  • Try the lengua and campechano — which has bits of the stomach, the shoulder, ribs, and chopped-up pieces of chicharrón (picture above).
  • Or try out any of the street taco shops on this list.

Fine dining @ Pujol

  • According to the 50 best restaurants list, this is the 13th best restaurant in the world. Enrique Olvera shines, with dishes representing influences from throughout Mexico, including the famous Oaxacan mole.
  • I’ve been here twice, and will keep coming back.
  • The bar serves a separate menu – Omakase Tacos – an 8 course taco tasting.
  • If you can’t snag a Pujol res, Olvera has other restaurants around town: Molino el Pujol (a tortilleria) and ENO (a breakfast/brunch spot).
  • Two other fine dining spots I have my eye on in the city are Quintonil and Japanese fusion Emilia.



Mezcal @ La Clandestina

  • Hip mezcal bar (shots or cocktails) in La Condesa
  • You have to try the grasshopper guacamole – at least once. They’re crunchy and a little nutty.
  • Try out these other mezcal bars here.


Quesadillas @ Taqueria Orinoco

  • Located in Roma Norte and definitely catered toward the rising hipster crowd
  • Al pastor quesadillas
    • Al pastor (vertically-roasted, chili-marinated pork) has its roots in shawarma, when Turkish/Middle Eastern immigrants came to the Yucatan at the end of the 19th century, as the Ottoman Empire began to fall apart.


What to do when you aren’t eating

  • Walk around Centro Historico
    • Templo Mayor
      • Ruins of the temple of Tenochtitlan
      • The temple was deconstructed by the Spanish and the stones taken to build the large cathedral you now see in the Zocalo
    • Palacio Nacional
      • Diego Rivera murals
    • Palacio de Bellas Artes
      • Ballet Folklorico
      • Murals from Rivera, Siqueiro, Orozco and Tamayo – Don’t miss these!
  • Watch a Lucha Libre show at Arena Mexico
  • Casa Azul (Frida Kahlo Museum)
    • The lines are always long, but if you have some extra time, it’s worth going.
  • Museo Anahuacali
    • Designed by Diego Rivera to house his collection of pre-Hispanic art
    • One of the most fascinating museums I’ve ever visited
  • Boat ride in Xochimilco
    • I haven’t been yet, but this looks like a fun way to spend an afternoon
  • Half-day to Teotihuacan
    • If you haven’t visited Pre-Columbian pyramids before, these are a must-do in CDMX. Take a bus for $2.50, or choose an Uber.
    • Many of the pyramids were built around 200 CE. Climb up the Pyramid of the Sun – the third largest pyramid in the world – for a view that few at the time, except for priests and royalty, would have seen.
  • Stay in a cute Airbnb in Condesa or Roma Norte.
    • Full of tree-lined boulevards and parks
    • Plenty of hip bars and restaurants
    • Polanco and Coyoacan are a short Uber ride away

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