Pho Ga Dong Nai

April 30. 1975. The Fall of Saigon.

Otherwise known as Reunification Day.

44 years later, I remember this day over a warm, comforting bowl of pho gà – basically, Vietnamese chicken noodle soup. This day, and the closing days of the Vietnam War, led to thousands of evacuations and Vietnamese refugees coming to the U.S.

Often, the first thing new immigrants want is a taste of home. Literally. And if they can’t find it, they may enter that world and open up their own stall or shop. Which has led to the countless Vietnamese shops scattered throughout Houston, particularly in Midtown and Bellaire.

Pho Ga Dong Nai is one of those spots – on the far west side of Bellaire, next to Crawfish & Noodles.

Choose pho gà, or pho gà khô. Khô means dry, so the broth is on the side. With the classic pho gà, you can take out the chicken and dip it in some nuoc cham for an extra shot of flavor.

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