Turkey Leg Hut

Forget Renn Fest and Thanksgiving – this is the only turkey leg you need.

It’s hard to find a place more Houston than Turkey Leg Hut. In between the Third Ward and the Museum District, it’s become an absolute staple in the city, attracting people of all careers, races and ages.

Turkey Leg Hut began humbly, as a couple selling turkey legs in the parking lot in 2016 to drunk people leaving the Houston Rodeo. And now, they’re a massive establishment with valet and an hour wait on a Tuesday. Even Snoop Dog and Kevin Hart are fans of Turkey Leg Hut.

But, there’s controversy. Turkey Leg Hut is recently the target of a lawsuit due to the smoke from their meats, and has previously faced complaints about parking and crowds.

Turkey Leg Hut specializes in cajun-inspired food. Their special stuffed turkey legs (yes, STUFFED) include one with spicy dirty rice (picture above) and one with cajun crawfish mac and cheese. In addition to turkey legs are swamp fries (waffle fries loaded with smoked turkey and cheese), boudin balls, fried catfish, red beans and rice, and a swamp baked potato. Just writing this makes me hungry.

Turkey Leg Hut

And Turkey Leg Hut isn’t just about the turkey legs. Open until 1am, Turkey Leg Hut is also the spot for GIANT mimosas (we’re talking three champagne bottles in one glass, giant), hookah and frozen drinks.

And they’re expanding. With a Daiquiri Hut and a Breakfast Hut coming soon.


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