Support Black-Owned Restaurants

In Houston, we’re lucky to have such fantastic and diverse food, including a large number of black-owned restaurants, many of which are historically located in southwest Houston – an area called the Third Ward. Below are some of my favorites ranging from fast food to fine dining, but there are other excellent places out there that don’t often get the spotlight, so do your own research, get out and support them.

Many of these restaurants serve southern or soul food. To learn more about the difference and the contentious history of these categorizations, check out my previous article here.

While some may be open for dine in, in the midst of the pandemic, all of these restaurants also allow online ordering.



  • In a cute house in the Museum District, Lucille’s is known for their weekend brunch consisting of fried catfish, shrimp and grits, chicken and waffles and mimosas. If you go for brunch, reserve a spot on the patio to enjoy live music from Joe Carmouche (Saturday) and Vanguard Entertainment Group (Sunday). They also have live DJs on Thursday evenings.
  • Joe Biden even visited here on June 8, 2020 with George Floyd’s family ahead of the funeral in Houston.


  • I consider soul food to be the food of the survivors of oppression. Neo-soul food is essentially the same thing, except for more modern times. For the people that are still currently undergoing oppression.
  • A necessary restaurant and conversation in these times. During the pandemic, they turned into a local grocery store, but the restaurant is reopening the week of June 22, 2020 with new safeguards.
  • Full article here.

Breakfast Klub

  • A classic, especially for their fried chicken and waffles. Pre-COVID, the lines were very long on the weekend, but the hospitality is fantastic.

Frenchy’s Chicken

  • With multiple locations in the Houston area, Frenchy’s has some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever had. Don’t forget the boudin balls and cornbread, too.
  • Pictured above right.

Alfreda’s Soul Food Café

  • Alfreda’s serves classic dishes like fried catfish, oxtail, smothered pork chops, shrimp and grits, collared greens and candied yams.
  • Pictured above left.

Houston This is It Soul Food

  • “Where every meal gives you a Sunday feel,” they say.
  • One of the oldest black restaurants in Houston, serving similar dishes to Alfreda’s.


Turkey Leg Hut

  • In between the Third Ward and the Museum District, Turkey Leg Hut (TLH) is an absolute staple, attracting huge crowds of people of all careers, races and ages.
  • TLH began humbly, as a couple selling turkey legs in the parking lot in 2016 to people leaving the Houston Rodeo. And now, they’re a massive establishment with valet and an hour wait on a Tuesday. Even Snoop Dog and Kevin Hart are fans of Turkey Leg Hut.
  • Turkey Leg Hut specializes in cajun-inspired food. Their special stuffed turkey legs (yes, STUFFED) include one with spicy dirty rice and one with cajun crawfish mac and cheese. In addition to turkey legs are swamp fries (waffle fries loaded with smoked turkey and cheese), boudin balls, fried catfish, red beans and rice, and a swamp baked potato.
  • And they’re expanding, with Daiquiri Hut and Breakfast Hut coming soon.
  • Full article here.

Reggae Hut

  • Not to be confused with the aforementioned ‘huts,’ Reggae Hut is nearby TLH and focuses on Caribbean food – think curry goat, jerk chicken, snapper and coconut shrimp.

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