Bamboo House

Considered by some the best Peking duck in Houston, Bamboo House is 15 minutes from downtown – technically in Humble, Texas.

What is Peking duck?

Peking duck is basically Chinese duck tacos. It has been served to the emperors of China since the 1300s. More recently, the dish was a favorite of both Henry Kissinger and Fidel Castro. I guess they could agree on something.

The dish is served family-style, often at large, fancy banquets or restaurants due to its price. While the duck at Bamboo House is not roasted over 60-year-old wood, carved right in front of you, or served to the beat of an ancient gong, the quality is by no means lacking.


What to get?

  • Special flat beef noodles
    • It would be a shame to only get the duck here, because these are some of my favorite noodles in town.
  • Half or whole duck, depending on how many people you have and how hungry you are
    • I didn’t care for the large soup that comes out first, but it’s a staple.
    • Then there’s the duck. Plenty of crispy skin and fat, wrapped in a warm, thin, handmade ‘pancake’ and topped with hoisin or plum sauce and scallions.

Tips? This makes fantastic leftovers, so don’t feel bad about over-ordering. Also, if you come on your birthday, you get a free half duck with a $50 purchase. Now, that’s a deal.

Where’s your favorite Peking duck?

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